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Defense Sector CBRN

Benchmark CBRN threat mitigation training and tools

The recent proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) technologies and materials has enabled bad actors to procure and weaponize CBRN hazards. We have seen nation-states and terrorist organizations use CBRN hazards to achieve political ends such as influencing elections, causing mass fear, and terrorizing people into submission.

In response, ASG has spent the last 14 years developing counter-CBRN concepts of operations, tactics, techniques, procedures, field manuals, and response guides into" defense publications. We have established benchmark logistics-management systems and decision-support tools, and trained thousands of military personnel through our realistic, hands-on, scenario-based programs. By working with local, state, federal, and military offices to counter CBRN proliferation, use, and impact, ASG has become the premier provider of comprehensive CBRN countermeasure analysis and focused solutions.

With over 2,000 exercises and 1,900 training events conducted across 17 countries and hundreds of military installations, ASG has the proven experience to deliver premier CBRN services that are respected as the benchmark standard. Browse some of our offerings:
ASG has achieved prominence in the CBRN threat mitigation field through:
  • Doctrine and TTP development
  • Building concepts of operations
  • Training CBRN reconnaissance teams, risk assessors, and medical personnel
  • Developing, optimizing, and implementing methods for field analytical instruments
  • Conducting realistic exercises
  • Global CBRN risk analysis
  • Simulation and emulation-based training
  • Realistic exercises
  • Decision support tools
  • Modeling and analysis
  • Equipment evaluation and selection

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