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Defense Sector Emergency Management

Capabilities to defend, survive, and operate throughout an incident

Military emergency managers have the unique responsibility of preparing for in-garrison and deployed threats, hazards, and risks from natural disasters, technological incidents, and of course an evolution of human threats. With a threat profile that is constantly changing, emergency managers must stay abreast of developments, continuously adapting their defensive postures and capabilities to defend, survive, and operate throughout an incident.

ASG has developed thousands of resources that equip emergency managers with the tools and capabilities to perform their mission in an accurate and timely manner. Several thousand military emergency managers have participated in our customized training programs, enabling their interoperability with other responders, operators, and support personnel.

Browse some of our defense-sector emergency management offerings:
ASG’s extensive experience empowering military emergency managers includes:
  • Creating playbooks, references, TTPs, trainings, and realistic exercises that build and maintain capabilities
  • Developing on-scene crisis leadership through critical incident-response skills
  • Organizing valid pre-incident action plans and information-sharing protocols
  • Assigning best practices for converting data into actionable information
  • Establishing specific metrics, analysis, and feedback channels to ensure opportunities for improvement


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