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ABU DHABI, UAE - July 2017

Hospitals in the Abu Dhabi Emirate are taking bold steps forward in preparing their staff members for all types of crises through a new, comprehensive training program. Alliance Solutions Group (ASG) was invited to design, develop and deliver several courses around the Emirate to enhance medical capacity and capability to respond to a crisis. The cutting-edge program developed by ASG is being delivered to over a thousand medical providers, emergency planners, administrators and senior leaders.

The unique program operationalizes the Hospital Incident Command System and trains emergency planners on a risk-based approach for conducting Hazard Vulnerability Assessments and realistic drills. The team of expert instructors from ASG has delivered similar programs for hospitals in over a dozen countries including the United States but Abu Dhabi is the first city to sponsor such a robust training program for so many hospitals. This standardized approach will ensure interoperability within the health system and enhance resiliency within the health sector.

“The student feedback and engagement in the classroom has been superb. Participants have really resonated with our unique approach to training,” stated Bob Campbell, CEO. “We hope that they will never need this training, but if they do, we are confident that they will be more than capable of implementing a successful response and recovery.”

To learn more about ASG’s hospital preparedness program, visit www.asg-inc.org.

WILLIAMSBURG, VA - March 2017:  

The Virginia Emergency Management Symposium (VEMS) begins on Wednesday, March 22nd with a series of topics that are important to Virginia’s readiness and resiliency. Alliance Solutions Group’s (ASG) CEO, Robert Campbell, will be delivering a presentation on the use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) across the phases of emergency management. This will include several videos, recent case studies and their lessons learned. “The use of sUAS by emergency responders throughout the Commonwealth has expanded significantly over the last few years. Our greatest challenge is successfully integrating them into a framework that (1) anticipates their use through proper planning, (2) ensures appropriate aircraft maintenance and serviceability, (3) trains the operators to a level of proficiency and (4) aligns this resource within the incident management system so that it enhances capabilities and expedites the transition from response to recovery,” explained Robert Campbell. Mr. Campbell has shared his experience and expertise on this and other emergency management topics at various state, national and international conferences such as the International Security and National Resiliency conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the International Association of Emergency Management conference.

ASG is a bronze sponsor for this event and will be exhibiting at VEMS to showcase its latest risk-based planning methods, pre-incident planning workshops, training and exercise support services, and Hazmat-sensing sUAS. To learn more about ASG solutions, visit www.asg-inc.org or call 757.223.7233.




DUBAI, UAE - February 2017

Preventing crises from becoming disasters is the focus of a new offering from Alliance Solutions Group (ASG). Today, ASG conducted a seminar at the Emirates Civil Defence Academy in Dubai, UAE on how to implement best practices for pre-incident planning. This included a whole community risk-based approach for hazardous material facilities, transport and mass gatherings.

Based on methods developed over the last decade and validated in over 70 communities worldwide, ASG is sharing these best practices that include establishing target capabilities, developing pre-incident action plans, implementing the unified command structure between public and private sectors, delivering appropriate training for incident commanders and conducting realistic exercises to validate capabilities.

"We have learned valuable lessons from recent disasters. We have identified root causes and contributing factors. Now we need to share these lessons along with best practices to strengthen community preparedness. As Dubai prepares for EXPO2020, these best practices need to be in place and validated," emphasized Bob Campbell, President/CEO of ASG. "Dubai is growing rapidly and has become a major destination for business and tourism. They deserve the best emergency management programs and response capabilities."

ASG has been invited to expand this training program for key representatives from the public and private sector over the next year. To learn more about how ASG can help strengthen public and private sector preparedness, visit us on the web (www.asg-inc.org) or contact us for more information at +1.757.223.7233.


ABU DHABI, UAE - ASG unveils CBRN/Hazmat-capable sUAS model at IDEX in Abu Dhabi. - February 2017

After several years of research and development, ASG is moving into the next phase of testing of its newest offering for first responders, defense and private industry.

"Demand for this product has been high given the potential to save lives and quickly assess hazardous environments. We are excited about its capabilities and how this will transform emergency response and hazard detection," stated Bob Campbell, CEO of Alliance Solutions Group, as he explained how this will support rapid decision making in an operational environment to a delegation of GCC officials.

ASG is inviting expressions of interest and requests for positions through our website. We have also created an opportunity for prospective customers to register as a position holder and become one of the first to take delivery after completion of field validation.

ASG delivers EHS and emergency management solutions to public safety, commercial, and military sectors.


Alliance Solutions Group (ASG) is exhibiting at IDEX, the world's largest Defense exhibition. - February 2017

As a repeat exhibitor, ASG will be unveiling their latest solutions such as a new Unmanned Aircraft System, the CBRN Challenge event and solutions for keeping defense forces healthy and safe on the battlefield. Join us at Booth 02-A03 to learn more about the latest concepts, tools, training, and exercise platforms used to prepare and protect nations from emerging threats.


ASG named one of the "Best Workplaces" by Inc. - May 2016

Newport News, VA-based Alliance Solutions Group, Inc. listed to Inc.’s inaugural 50 Best Workplaces, the first such measurement of American companies with up to 500 employees that deploy state-of-the-art techniques to keep their staff happy and productive. Read more on our blog.


ASG Selected for 2016 Beyond Virginia calendar - May 2016

The Beyond Virginia calendar highlights success stories for companies based in the state of Virginia. ASG was selected to appear in the calendar, featuring our commitment to environmental, health, safety and emergency preparedness solutions to the public and private sectors, worldwide. See the calendar here.



ASG supported the U.S. government’s effort to shape the future of direct reading instruments and sensor technology for emergency response activities - April 2016

Pulling from experience in conducting over 2000 chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear exercises with thousands of emergency responders from fire, emergency management, and occupational health backgrounds ASG provided comments to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the future of direct reading and sensor technologies for emergency response activities (Docket CDC-2016-0002).

ASG has long been recognized as an expert in the field of helping organizations select and effectively employ a suite of all-hazard detection equipment. In May 2016, ASG will present at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition a session on Lessons Learned in Selecting An All-Hazards Equipment Suite of Direct Reading Instruments, based in part from ASG’s work in modernizing the suite of detection equipment used by  the U.S. Air Force in its global emergency response operations.

Osan Emergency Responders receive Integrated CBRN training - August 2015

"Alliance Solutions Group, a company that has developed a unique training platform that integrates the individual capabilities of fire and emergency services, bioenvironmental engineers, and readiness and emergency management shops into a cohesive response unit, coached the teams through scenarios based off of tactics utilized by opposing forces, while adding in a radiological aspect. ASG instructors have visited various Air Force bases across the Pacific region to conduct in-depth training with the initial and follow-on responders." Read the rest from Osan, Korea.


Seymour Johnson Emergency Management and Bioenvironmental Engineering train together - June 2015

Airmen from the 4th Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management flight and 4th Aerospace Medicine Squadron bioenvironmental engineer flight partnered up to conduct an integrated base emergency response capabilities training exercise, or IBERCT, to help prepare them for real-world scenarios involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats. More about this from Seymour Johnson.



Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training at JBER - May 2015

Airmen from the 673d Aerospace Medicine Squadron, 773d Civil Engineering Squadron and the 176th Medical Group teamed with Alliance Solutions Group analysts on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson to participate in a week-long IBERCT. See pictures and blurbs from JBER IBERCT.



IBERCT Video from Andersen AFB, Guam - April 2015

"Alliance Solutions Group stopped on Andersen Air Force Base for a 5 day training focused on emergency response." Video includes interviews with Andersen personnel and a detailed description of ASG training. View the video on YouTube.


Kadena Emergency Response Airmen Train Together - March 2015

Bioenvironmental Engineering, Emergency Management, Fire and Emergency Services, and Emergency Medical Services Airmen participated in Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training March 16-20 on Kadena Air Base, Japan. Led by Alliance Solutions Group, Inc., the Airmen tested and improved their hazardous materials response capabilities and readiness skills. Read more about the training in a news release from Kadena Public Affairs.



Tyndall Airmen face Integrated Base Response Capability Training - February 2015

"Tyndall Airmen conducted the Integrated Base Emergency Response Capabilities Training exercise on Feb. 9 through 13 to help train Airmen on proper procedures during a simulated hazardous chemical threat.[...] Alliance Solutions Group Inc., from Newport News, Va., partnered with Air Combat Command in coordinating the week long training throughout ACC and Air Mobility Command bases." Tyndall Public Affairs release article.



Hickam Airmen participate in PACAF emergency management training - January 2015

Airmen from the 15th Wing tested their emergency management knowledge and skills during ASG's Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training (IBERCT) January 26-30th on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.

"It's absolutely invaluable training," said Lt. Col. Mary Carlisle, 15th AMDS commander. "It validates our readiness requirements, and we are happy to have this training opportunity." Read full news release from Hickam Public Affairs.



Integrated Base Response Training at Shaw AFB - December 2014

The 20th Civil Engineering Squadron Emergency Managers and 20th Aerospace Medicine Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineers completed ASG's CBRN focused Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training (IBERCT).  The linked article provides an overview courtesy of the USAF 20th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office: "Shaw Airmen train for real-world scenarios."



ASG DOEHRS Workshops Train Customers to use DOEHRS as a Management Tool and Not Just a Data Repository - May 2014

“Wow, I didn’t know DOEHRS could do that” is the feedback received by Alliance Solutions Group, Inc. (ASG) during every Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) workshop held in 2014. ASG was selected by a Department of Defense Command-level organization to provide comprehensive DOEHRS training and support to all command installations. With over half of the visits completed, the ASG approach has resulted in an average 25% increase in customers’

DOEHRS capabilities as measured by pre- and post-workshop assessments.

The ASG DOEHRS workshop methodology starts with an exhaustive analysis of an installation’s use of the DOEHRS modules and the quality of the data contained therein. DOEHRS subject matter experts developed a detailed gap analysis based on the review of 34 reports, data inputs for 5-8 industrial workplaces with high health risk processes, and the use of 10 core DOEHRS modules. The gap analysis, plus Command focus areas and self-identified deficiencies, were the basis for developing targeted training seminars for each installation. Trainers used live DOEHRS program office data to lead small groups, provide over-the-shoulder coaching, and facilitate data review Q&A sessions. ASG analysts walked participants through identifying and cleaning up subpar data inputs, using the deficient data as the basis for teachable moments while recording the discrepancies in the comprehensive gap analysis. The ASG team provided the installation with a management action plan which detailed step-by-step instructions on eliminating the gap analysis challenges that could not be addressed during the workshop. 

In addition to improving the quality of data in the installation’s DOEHRS program office, the team trained personnel on using DOEHRS as an occupational and environmental health (OEH) management tool rather than simply a data repository. Analysts presented the DOEHRS Data Warehouse, Discoverer Viewer, and module reports that enabled program managers to eliminate external tracking tools (e.g., spreadsheets) and the labor effort required to both enter data into DOEHRS and track it in a separate tool. OEH program leadership readily commenced integrating Master Schedule, respiratory fit test status, and ventilation survey currency reports when shown how these reports and others could enhance workplace productivity. Program management hours required were cut by 50% when ASG trainers implemented the process of importing fit test records directly into DOEHRS from the fit test software.

In addition to training on the content of the reports, analysts walked participants through the steps of customizing the format of DOEHRS Data Warehouse reports and inserting graphs. This improved the quality of OEH information provided to physicians, public health practitioners, line supervisors, workers, and other stakeholders. ASG analysts also demonstrated the auto-generation and auto-delivery feature of DOEHRS Data Warehouse reports. For example, with over-the-shoulder coaching OEH program managers customized a report on upcoming Master Schedule items and scheduled it for delivery every Monday at 0700 to the organization’s OEH leadership, as well as, monthly to the Command OEH leadership. The ability to send tailored OEH program reports among users is one of the many ways the ASG trainers jump-started installations’ use of DOEHRS as a viable OEH management tool.

For more information on how ASG can enhance environmental and occupational health programs through effective DOEHRS implementation, contact us at 757-223-7233 or rich.flannery@asg-inc.org.

Alliance Solutions Group Opens Sister Company in Dubai, UAE - February 10, 2014

Amanah Solutions, the newest member of the Alliance Solutions Group (ASG) family of companies, officially opened doors to its new home in Dubai on February 10th. Amanah Solutions will exclusively serve the Gulf Cooperation Council region with world-class health, safety, environment and emergency management services.

Over the last decade ASG has provided innovative health risk and emergency management services with measurable results for their customers. High demand for ASG’s services has catapulted ASG onto the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies twice in a three year period. Bob Campbell, President of ASG, said that launching a business in Dubai was an integral part of ASG’s business strategy. He continued, “We recognize that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leaders want their country to bethe best. Based on ASG’s results and our customers’ feedback, we believe we can help make the UAE’s vision become a reality with our proven services and methods.”

ASG has reduced health, safety, and environmental risks for their clients by over 28% in the last three years. ASG has also prepared nearly 100 communities and their emergency responders for disasters, world-wide. ASG focuses its services around an all-hazards, whole community approach. Campbell, in a chapter from the recently published Handbook of Emergency Response, shared ground-breaking solutions for how to integrate response teams during multiagency incident response operations. Campbell’s text was based on a meta-analysis of over 1500 responder training and exercise events. These solutions, in partnership with the world-class training facilities throughout the GCC region, are what Campbell and ASG, through Amanah Solutions, hope to provide.

Campbell appointed health, safety, and environmental risk management expert Paul Legendre as General Manager of Amanah Solutions. With over 30 years of his own expertise to draw upon, as well as proven leadership experience, Legendre is hitting the ground running in Dubai.

Legendre believes, “This is an exciting time to be in Dubai, an innovative city with a desire to implement world-class practices and standards. I have high expectations that our innovative approach will be a perfect match.”

Campbell would like to express his thanks for the support and encouragement he and ASG have received over the last year from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. “These professionals exemplify a successful public-private partnership,” said Campbell.

For more information contact ASG.

ASG Trains Emergency Responders for Hazmat and Natural Disasters - October 2013

Jessica Feil of Alliance Solutions Group ( left) holds up an air particle sensor so that a Tech. Sgt. from the 436th Civil Engineer Squadron, can read the screen during a simulated contamination exercise at Dover Air Force Base, Del., The Tech Sgt uses his hand to wipe away fog on the inside of his hazardous material suit. The exercise tested the base's ability to respond to a natural disaster and resulting contamination to water supplies. (U.S. Air Force photo/Greg L. Davis) Additional images and Read More...courtesy of the 436th Airlift Wing.



ASG Utilizes Social Media to Train Emergency Responders - July 2013

Social media and collaborative technologies have become critical components of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. From hurricanes to chemical releases and plant explosions, many emergency responders are turning to social media technologies to gain and share information and connect with citizens during all phases of a crisis. Read More...



ASG Trains and Evaluates Travis AFB CBRN Responders - June 2013

ASG recently conducted a CBRN focused Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training (IBERCT) event at Travis AFB, CA with first responders. During the IBERCT, Airmen increased their capabilities by learning and conducting CBRN focused vulnerability assessments, participating in first responder training, applying countermeasure and defense applications, utilizing appropriate personal protective equipment, and demonstrating proficiency with CBRN identifiication and analytical equipment and methodologies.  Article courtesy of 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs: "Base Agencies Team for Exercise"



ASG Supports the Langley CBRN Responders - May 2013

During the month of May 2013, ASG supported the Air Combat Commands Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training (IBERCT) with the Bioenvironmental Engineers at Langley AFB., The USAF 633rd Air Base WIng Public Affairs article decribes the event: "Langely Bioenvironmental Engineering: Protection Through Detection"



CBRN Training at Holloman AFB - April 2013

Holloman AFB, NM increases CBRN response capabilities through ASG's Integrated Base Emergency Response Capability Training (IBERCT). Article and video courtesy of the 49th Public Affairs office: Photos:Bioenvironmental Training Exercise and Video



Integrated Base Response Training at Nellis AFB - February 2013

99th Bioenvironmental Engineers and first responders increase their readiness for a CBRN event with ASG support.  Article and slide show courtesy of the USAF 99th Public Affairs office: "Nellis Bioenvironmental Trains for Chemical Emergencies" and "Slide Show: Integrated Base Response Training"



ASG Participates in VEDP Trade Mission to the U.A.E. - February 2013

In February 2013, ASG utilized resources offered by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to explore new markets in the U.A.E. ASG's participation is highligted in the 2013 Hampton Roads Maritime & International Trade Guide: "Ready to go overseas"



ASG Develops electronic Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineering Field Manual (e-BE FM) - November 2012

The beta version of the electronic Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineering Field Manual (e-BE FM) has been completed and is out for testing.  This e-BE FM is a PDF-based document enhanced with web-based calculators, searchable tables, useful links to outside resources, and updated content. It is available for use by smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, and, PC’s used by civilian and .mil users.  The electronic Field Manual has been produced in two versions, one with almost 500 pages of text and hyperlinks and a second which is a hyperlinked index of equations and tables only.   A short MP4 demo can be viewed by playing the demonstration video that demonstrates basic functionality and example calculations.  

To learn more about the e-BE FM, contact ASG click here. 

ASG Packs 10,000 Meals To Feed The Hungry - October 2012

During the annual ASG company meeting in Williamsburg VA, ASG employees and their family members participated in a community service project teaming with Stop Hunger Now (http://www.stophungernow.org) and packaged 10,000 nutritious meals that will be shipped to a school somewhere in the world  to feed hungry children.  The event allowed ASG to give back to the community in a tangible way by both donating the food and participating in the process of packaging the meals.  It was a worthwhile cause and great opportunity for ASG and their families to work together on service project.  Stop Hunger Now  is an international hunger relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world.  They are able to bring the supplies and the tools “on the road” to an organized event to package 10,000 – 1,000,000 meals depending on the number of participants.

To learn more about joining the ASG team click here.



ASG Awarded GSA Contract with USAF - September 2012

On September 25, 2012, ASG was awarded a multi-year GSA contract with the Air Mobility Command Surgeon General to increase and enhance Occupational Environmental Health medical capabilities to support global engagements and sustainment operations across multiple Air Force Major Commands (MAJCOMs), including AMC, ACC, and USAFE. ASG will be supporting the AMC Surgeon General and other MAJCOMs by providing direct support to installation level Bioenvironmental Engineering staff and Team Aerospace through highly focused Training Support Site Visits and integrated emergency response training. This support will provide installations with occupational and environmental health regulatory assessments and hands on training to ensure compliance though implementation of effective management systems, standardization and best practices.

To learn more about ASG’s Environmental Safety and Occupational Health services, click here.



Integrated Emergency Responder Training

ASG recently conducted an innovative training workshop for cross-disciplinary CBRN/Hazmat responders. Applying 7 years of lessons learned and observations from over 1,500 full-scale exercises with various hazmat, fire, medical, law enforcement, responders and emergency managers, ASG implemented a unique and highly-effective training platform to integrate the USAF's Fire and Emergency Services, Bioenvironmental Engineers and Readiness and Emergency Management personnel into a seamless, unified response operation. The 40-hour curriculum consisted of hands-on training with state-of-the-art field analytical instruments, knowledge-based training and a series of HSEEP-compliant exercises. The week-long training and exercise event enhanced the integration of CBRN responders in a unified and cohesive manner using the concepts of the National Incident Management System. One responder commented “this [event] challenged us to think "outside the box". ASG conducted the week long training and exercise event at Scott AFB, IL.

To learn more about ASG’s CBRN Responder Training and Exercise services, click here.



Defense Occupational & Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) Support at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

ASG provided high-impact DOEHRS (Defense Occupational & Environmental Health Readiness System) program training and data input support for the Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight at Incirlik AB, Turkey. DOEHRS is the management information system tool used by the Bioenvironmental Engineering personnel to track the longitudinal occupational exposure history of all military personnel. ASG conducted a 9-day course that included data validation and on-site DOEHRS training to elevate installation exposure documentation.

To learn more about ASG’s DOEHRS Training and Support services, click here.



CBRNE/Mass Casualty Incident Capabilities Assessment with Central Virginia Urban Areas Security Initiative - December 2012

ASG was awarded a contract with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to support the Central Virginia Urban Areas Security Initiative (CVUASI) Urban Area Working Group to conduct a CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosive) and Mass Casualty capabilities training and exercise needs assessment of the CVUASI localities. The goal of the assessment is to strengthen the regional CBRNE response capabilities by identifying training and exercise needs to support first responders for response and management of a CBRNE incident. The results of the survey were delivered to the CV Urban Area Working Group in December 2012. The results of the survey will be incorporated into a plan to provide a multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency training and exercise series which will evaluate and enhance the capabilities of the localities and the region to respond to a major CBRNE/Mass Casualty incident.

To learn more about ASG’s Emergency Management services, click here.



City of Portsmouth LEPC Planning - August 2012

ASG emergency response specialists worked closely with the City of Portsmouth Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) to update the Portsmouth Local Emergency Response Plan to enhance their implementation of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986. The planning process included the review of the current hazardous material facilities (Tier II reporting), in order to update the inventory of hazardous materials that met the Tier II thresholds within the City of Portsmouth and an analysis of local responders preparedness to respond to industrial chemical releases within the City. The updated plan will assist local fire, emergency services and emergency management personnel to create a safer community by reducing risksand vulnerabilities and increasing capabilities where necessary to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all hazardous materials incidents.

To learn more about ASG’s LEPC Planning services, click here.



Water Vulnerability Assessment & Drinking Water Survey Workshop at Kirtland AFB, NM

ASG was awarded a contract to support the Kirtland AFB Bioenvironmental Engineers by providing training courses to enhance capabilities related to water vulnerability assessments and water system surveys. The training will focus on methodologies, risk assessments, and classifications of water sources, treatment systems, distributions systems, water storage, and sanitary surveys followed by data entry into the DOEHRS water survey data module. Ultimately, the Bioenvironmental Engineers will be able to apply the data and information compiled from this survey into actionable recommendations for a water system.





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