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Emergency Management Services Overview

ASG is a highly-reputable, small business that provides professional services to all levels of government and international organizations.

Founded in 2005, ASG has grown rapidly by employing specialized subject matter experts who provide premier planning, analysis, consultation and training services for emergency managers and responders.

Our highly-educated and experienced staff of professionals provide our clients with the full perspective from among their disciplines in emergency management, medical, fire and emergency services, hazardous materials, law enforcement, public health, and military.


We have innovated many of the solutions used today by our nation’s first responders by integrating technologies into practical applications. Our exceptional services and focus on corporate values differentiates ASG from other firms.

ASG has experience providing solutions to a variety of clients at the local, state, federal and international levels - health departments, emergency managers, military, national guard, fire, hospitals, health departments, NGOs, states and senior leaders. We have conducted risk analyses and all-hazards planning in 45 cities across the US.

We have assisted over 80 hospitals implement National Incident Management System.

Our Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) - trained exercise team has designed and conducted over 1,500 full-scale exercises around the world.

We have tailor-built over 80 threat-based scenarios and employed unique methods of challenging participants in exacting detail to provide our clients with the most realistic and challenging exercises.

  1. Planning
    Experienced developing/writing Emergency Management/Disaster Management Plans
    • Emergency Operations Plans
    • Functional Plans
    • Medical Response Plans
    • Hazard Mitigation Plans
    • Hazardous Materials Response Plans
    • Security Planning
    • Food/Water Security Planning
    • Risk-based Plans
    • Casualty Management Planning
    • Incident Command System/National Incident Management System integration
    • Incident Action Planning
    • CBRN Response Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
  2. Analysis
    • Risk and Capabilities Assessments
    • Toxic Industrial Chemical/Toxic Industrial Materials
    • Casualty Planning Analysis Tool
    • Sampling techniques, procedures, and analysis
    • CBRN analytical tools and methods
    • PPE identification and selection
    • Development of analytical tools (metrics based)
  3. Training and Exercises
    • Multi-disciplined (Medical, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Health, HazMat) innovative training and exercise programs
    • All Hazards
    • Hands-on, scenario based
    • Minimal simulation
    Pioneered the CBRN Challenge™
    • 80+ CBRN scenarios developed, 1,500+ exercises conducted, applied 25+ advanced field detectors, conducted in 60+ communities
    • Trained over 3,000 responders
    Full-Scale Mass Casualty Incident response exercises
    • 100+ moulaged patients
    • Civilian/Military integration
    • Integrated laboratory response network, hospitals, EMS, volunteers, senior leaders, EOCs, hazmat teams, decontamination and law enforcement.
    Public Health Mass Prophylaxis Plan implementation exercises

    HSEEP-compliant development and execution

Emergency Mgmt. Overview > CBRN Training > Mass Casualty Training > Emergency Training & Exercises > Casualty Planning Analysis > LEPC Support > Media Gallery