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Department of Defense - Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS)


defense occupational and environmental health readiness system

assists the Department of Defense (DoD) by providing direct hands on, focused DOEHRS training, quality control, and over the shoulder data entry and review in support of Occupational and Environmental Health programs.

ASG can bring your DOEHRS program to the next level. ASG’s expertise with the DOEHRS program sets its customers on a path of being able to manage their Occupational and Environmental Health programs instead of simply using it as a data repository. We help organize and standardize inputs so that clients end up with a robust tool to manage technical information and implement quality assurance measures.

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ASG DOEHRS WorkShops Train Customers to use DOEHRS as a Management Tool and Not Just a Data Repository - Click Here to read the article



This direct hands-on approach provides technical expertise and analysis for the DOEHRS at an installation with a training workshop. This training provides guidance to enable ESOH staff the ability to execute Occupational and Environmental Health Program requirements and document relevant health risk assessment data in the DOEHRS.

ASG will improve the quality of existing data through gap analysis that identifies shortfalls, errors, and discrepancies with recommended solutions. ASG can update modules with a standardized terminology facilitating the use of DOEHRS as a routine management tool. Support is provided either on-site and/or remotely.

The following DOEHRS modules are supported:


  • Industrial Hygiene
    • Survey Schedule & Execution
    • EAP Determination
    • Ventilation Survey
    • Respiratory Protection
    • Reporting Suite Utilization
    • Ionizing Radiation
    • HAZCOM
    • Noise
  • Environmental Health
    • Environmental Samples
    • Occupational Environmental Health Site Assessment Surveys
    • Water Surveys
  • Master Schedule/WMP Defieciencies
  • Data Quality and Standardization

Service Highlight:
Respiratory Protection - Fit Test Data Entry

ASG can show you how to set up and use TSI Incorporated fit-testing software, limiting the need to repetitively type the same data for each fit-test entry into the DOEHRS program.

This is accomplished through the use of a simple data migration tool within DOEHRS that uses the data straight from the fit-test software. Additionally, once all data has migrated over to DOEHRS, individual fit-tests along with fit-test compliance reports can be generated from DOEHRS, eliminating the need for a spreadsheet to track fit-test compliance. Data quality goes up, errors and man-hours goes down.


Service Highlight:
Occupational Environmental Health Site Assessments

ASG has been performing and training on OEHSA's for 7 years. Our remote and on-site OEHSA training package results in completed OEHSA and trained ESOH technicians.

Our DOEHRS OEHSA gap analysis will clearly outline any shortfalls or inputs needed to provide a clear path for completing an OEHSA. Our DOEHRS Conceptual Site Model (CSM) data collection tool walks technicians through a step-by-step process identifying the inputs needed for each CSM module and the resources are needed to identify the inputs.

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