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Comprehensive COVID-19 Compliance Solutions


How do you navigate the Federal, State and Local guidelines, keep your employees and customers safe, confidently reopen for business and plan for the next pandemic?

As the pandemic continues, more and more states are passing laws and regulations that require businesses to make significant time and financial investments into their day-to-day operations to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for employees and customers. Small businesses in particular have found it challenging to comply with these new laws and regulations. Lacking in-house expertise to complete the requirements, many have found it difficult to discover an affordable and quick path to compliance.

The good news is that ASG is here to help! Our proven “5-step Path to Compliance” is the process we have used with many organizations, helping them reach compliance and build a healthy and safe environment for their employees and customers.

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COVID-19 Compliance Solutions

ASG’s COVID-19 General Workplace Safety Training

COVID-19 General Workplace Safety Course

Take Control of COVID-19 in Your Workplace

As the COVID-19 Pandemic has continued to spread, it has become clear that businesses play a key role in slowing the spread of the virus in our communities. Several states are requiring all businesses to implement general workplace safety training for COVID-19 safety practices to keep employees and customers safe. The goal is keeping businesses open and people employed while ensuring the right safety protocols and practices are in place to keep everyone healthy and safe.


Affordable. Flexible. Virtual. Compliant.

The challenge for many businesses is finding an affordable way to provide training that meets their state-mandated requirements to every employee in their organization. ASG's virtual COVID-19 General Workplace Safety Course is just what your business needs for easily implementing this training company-wide. Our health and safety experts have designed this course based off the CDC and the WHO guidelines for workplace safety practices for infectious disease prevention. While each state's training requirements vary slightly, we have ensured our course covers all relevant topics and is compliant to each state's specified requirements.

Our course is delivered on our flexible, virtual training platform and can be completed at any time and location that is convenient for your employees. The course takes 75 minutes to complete and comes with certification validating successful completion of the course for company documentation.

Seven Essential Pandemic Policies – Download All for Free

Prior to creating a pandemic plan, each organization must make critical decisions and establish policies for reopening safely. These policies should conform with Federal, State and Local government industry-specific guidelines. Read more about these policies and the planning process on our blog – Seven Policies Every Organization Needs to Reopen Safely

ASG has identified seven policies that are an essential element in an organization’s Pandemic Plan and we want to provide them to our clients and business partners for free! Click the link below, provide your information and complete the download.

After downloading the free template pandemic policies, the Pandemic Planning process isn’t complete, but rather it has just begun. You will need to make some decisions, customize the policies as appropriate for your organization and then develop a pandemic plan and procedures. This planning process ensures a risk-based, systems approach that integrates your resources and enhances resilience. This will ensure your organization is Resilient Ready™ during this pandemic and any future pandemics.

Check out ASG’s Pandemic Planning Process below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page if ASG can help your organization #RespondRecoverReopen.

ASG’s 5-Step Compliance Process

As states begin to implement COVID-19 Workplace Safety laws and standards, many businesses lacking in-house expertise in this specialized area are finding it hard to reach compliance. ASG is here to help. We utilize our “5-Step Compliance Process” to walk businesses through the requirements to reach compliance, no matter the state in which your business operates.


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