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How do you navigate the Federal, State and Local guidelines, keep your employees and customers safe, confidently reopen for business and plan for the next pandemic?


Seven Essential Pandemic Policies – Download All for Free

Prior to creating a pandemic plan, each organization must make critical decisions and establish policies for reopening safely. These policies should conform with Federal, State and Local government industry-specific guidelines. Read more about these policies and the planning process on our blog – Seven Policies Every Organization Needs to Reopen Safely

ASG has identified seven policies that are an essential element in an organization’s Pandemic Plan and we want to provide them to our clients and business partners for free! Click the link below, provide your information and complete the download.

After downloading the free template pandemic policies, the Pandemic Planning process isn’t complete, but rather it has just begun. You will need to make some decisions, customize the policies as appropriate for your organization and then develop a pandemic plan and procedures. This planning process ensures a risk-based, systems approach that integrates your resources and enhances resilience. This will ensure your organization is Resilient Ready™ during this pandemic and any future pandemics.

Check out ASG’s Pandemic Planning Process below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page if ASG can help your organization #RespondRecoverReopen.

4-step Pandemic Planning Process

ASG can walk your company through our 4-step Pandemic Planning Process to help your company RECOVER from COVID-19, REOPEN your doors
for business and build RESILIENCE for future Crises and Pandemics all while adhering to ALL Federal, State and Local guidelines


Assess the business’s needs to know what guidelines are relevant, the health & safety standards applicable to your company, which plans and policies will build resilience and define ambiguous terms stated in federal, state and local guidelines.


Develop a PANDEMIC PLAN and procedures for the business to cover all health, safety, risk reduction, resiliency, phased reopening and all federal, state and local guidelines that need to be adhered to.


For plans and procedures to be effective, staff must be trained to implement them efficiently and effectively. Training can be done in-person or virtually and will reinforce the plans and procedures, reduce risks for your business, ensure compliance to all federal, state and local guidelines and build resilience for your company.


Metrics will be determined to evaluate the effectiveness of the Pandemic Plans & Procedures and to ensure your business is seeing the desired results as your phased reopening process is underway.

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