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Seven Essential Pandemic Policies – Download All for Free

We are happy to provide you with the Seven Pandemic Policies for free. This will help you get started on the process of designing your organization’s Pandemic Plan.

If you require any additional guidance in crafting your organization’s Pandemic Plan, let us know. We can walk your organization through our Pandemic Planning Process, enhancing your resilience and helping you thrive through this and future pandemics.

First, fill in the following details, agree to the Terms and Conditions and submit the form. Then you will be taken to our download page where you will have access to download the Seven Pandemic Policies document

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By checking the above Terms and Conditions box, you agree to the following Terms of Use for ASG's Pandemic Policies template: Terms of Use : This product was developed by Alliance Solutions Group, Inc. (ASG) and is intended for the sole use by and within organizations that directly downloaded this template from the ASG Resilient Ready™ website. Commercial resale, re-publication, dissemination, and reposting of any portion of this product are expressly prohibited uses of this product. No organization engaged in commercial activity may use this product in conjunction with their commercial services, advertising, marketing, or other promotion. It is intended for the receiving organization’s internal use only.

After downloading the Seven Pandemic Policies, an ASG team member will contact you within a week to follow up about the next steps in the Pandemic Planning Process.

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