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“ASG did a great job surveying the site and handling the disposal of our low-level radioactive waste. We were pleased with your team and their professionalism.”

Minnesota Power
Environmental Remediation

Great communication skills

“High adaptability, great communication skills, competent/knowledgeable”

US Air Force Materiel Command

Above and beyond

“Went above and beyond to assist. Pleased they assisted us with an excellent program directed tools/training and advice to improve/modernize our OEH mission accomplishment. Excellent job providing additional documentation and resources to improve our programs.”

Dover AFB

Really insightful; a fantastic job!!

“The guys did a great job. Everything was really insightful, and they were very knowledgeable in multiple fields. I really appreciate all they did for us. I feel like both associates were great and I would gladly have them back anytime. All my guys felt comfortable being open with both trainers ...Read More

U.S. Air Force Academy

Experts with 20+ years of experience in the field

“ASG provided CBRN subject matter experts with 20+ years of experience in the field. Instructors had prior international experience including Kuwait. The project manager delivered products on schedule, demonstrated flexibility and persistence in delivering quality products.”

Kuwait Government

Nothing less than stellar

“I appreciate the efforts of your team in Dobbins for ensuring the base received a good assessment. Without a doubt, Christine’s performance was nothing less than stellar. A pleasure to work with, and highly skilled in adaptation and team management. Look forward to working with the ASG team ...Read More

US Air Force Civil Engineering Center

Very organized and extremely well received!

“First, let me say that Jessica and Joe did a FANTASTIC job! The amount of data and plotting they were able to accomplish in such a small space of time was very impressive. The training sessions were very organized and extremely well received!”

Lt Col (ret) Todd Joachim
Bioenvironmental Engineer

We made outstanding progress

“Alliance Solutions Group helped lay out a plan to neatly incorporate Home Station Medical Response capabilities and procedures into our MTF’s daily routine. The Medical Emergency Response Capability Assessment and Training (MERCAT) exercises at our MTFs have been a resounding success! The MTF ...Read More

Charles W. Campbell, Jr., Col USAF, MC, FS (ret)
Command Surgeon
Air Force Space Command

Well versed and extremely knowledgeable

“It was a pleasure working with Wade, Kevin and Christine. All three individuals were well versed and extremely knowledgeable in their respective areas. They were professional, courteous and engaging throughout the inspection and with everyone they encountered. Their expertise and the experience ...Read More

Air National Guard
Environmental Management System Audits

Organized, methodical, engaging, and inclusive

Community Hazmat Response Exercise

“Kept on schedule, good job facilitating. Appeared to have subject matter knowledge in many disciplines.”

“Very engaging and inclusive. Familiar with terminology and potential issues.”

“Very organized and methodical. Good understanding ...Read More

BASF Chemicals

Great job once again. Well-planned and executed.

"Best training I have ever received"
"Loved the scenario and realism"
"Great instructors"
"Great Cadre"
"It was excellent"
“I would like to thank you for the access to the eBEFM. It appears to be an outstanding product and the e-tools will be of great assistance in performing my duties. Once ...Read More

US Air National Guard

Well received by all

“Thanks again for your time and presentation this week. It was well received by all.”

Qatar Education City, Doha

Knowledgeable instructors

Good general coverage of topic for awareness. Good knowledgeable instructors with real-world experience.

Course Participant

Great instructor!

Great instructor! He really knew his material, answered questions, and kept everyone engaged. Great job.

Course Participant

Excellent Course

This was an excellent course and I learned a great deal of valuable information.

Course Participant

Thought Generation

Thought Generation. I’m not a Hazmat or fire responder, but I was able to convert the information to my area of work.

Course Participant

The course was beneficial

The overall content of the course was beneficial to properly provide means to engage community and outside partners.

Course Participant

Learning the ins and outs of developing a LEPC

Learning the ins and outs of developing a LEPC. Had no knowledge but now I feel if I participate with LEPC I will know what is happening.

Course Participant

The group activities were the most valuable

The group activities were the most valuable. Lead us to think about some ideas/processes that we need to work on. Also, it stimulated discussion which helped identify solutions or best practices.

Course Participant

This really helped me increase my overall knowledge of LEPC

This really helped me increase my overall knowledge of LEPC. Learned a great deal about things that will help me enhance our capability.

Course Participant

The two instructors were very knowledgeable!

The two instructors were very knowledgeable in the field and were able to motivate real-life experiences into the course.

Course Participant

I learned a lot from this course

Even though I have been an active member of my LEPC for many years, I learned a lot from this course.

Course Participant

Overall knowledge to understanding of how LEPC works

Overall knowledge to understanding of how LEPC works. It was beneficial to get multiple perspectives from peers in the class. Also, learning how to engage the whole community.

Course Participant

Good section!

I enjoyed and learned some good ideas from the agenda section. Our LEPC doesn’t always have a set agenda for the upcoming meeting, let alone for the entire year. Hopefully implementing some of these ideas will increase our attendance. Good section.

Course Participant