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The Dirty Dozen Mistakes in CBRN Response

How to Build CBRN Capacity

The world and its nation-states continue to be threatened by several existential threats, including the risks of CBRN terrorism, the proliferation of nuclear power generation alongside the deterioration of its existing infrastructure, and the growing spread and potential weaponization of infectious diseases like Ebola or Zika.

While organizations around the world attempt to deal with these threats with best intentions and budgets of varying appropriateness, empirical data shows CBRN response teams worldwide are coming up short when faced with complex CBRN incidents. Based on our years of CBRN-response training experience and thousands of completed exercises around the world, we have identified 12 critical vulnerabilities to typical CBRN policy. We are calling these “The Dirty Dozen Mistakes in CBRN Response,” and they are outlined in detail in our technical report of the same name.

The 12 critical mistakes have been categorized into three groups:
  • Communication Failures
  • Poor Equipment Use and Data Interpretation
  • Poor Team Management

The report also outlines a six-step process to address the situation and a clear definition of what success in CBRN risk preparedness looks like. To learn more about the common errors in CBRN response planning and how to address them, request a free copy of our technical report, The Dirty Dozen Mistakes in CBRN Response And How to Build CBRN Capacity.

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