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The Preparedness Cycle: Why Training Alone is Not Enough

How to Create Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness

Many organizations have invested funds and resources procuring state-of-the-art emergency response equipment and training their responders in its use. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned initiatives have a limited effect on the development and enhancement of real-world responder capabilities. Billions have been spent on purchasing new equipment, but the level of actual preparedness is still in question.

Obtaining the right training and equipment for civil defense response to emergencies, disasters, and crises is just part of the solution. Without a comprehensive solution, these individual components will not complement and will fail to integrate. Therefore, response capability will not be fully able to meet the community’s needs or address potential emergencies.

Alliance Solutions Group, as a leading provider of comprehensive emergency preparedness solutions worldwide, has produced a guide for organizations looking to introduce an integrated, effective preparedness regimen. In it we outline in detail our Preparedness Cycle, encompassing proper planning, resources, training, exercises, and evaluation/improvement. To learn more about the cycle and how to create real-world emergency response capabilities, request a free copy of our technical report, The Preparedness Cycle: Why Training Alone is Not Enough.

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