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The Rising Threat of Airport Disasters & How to Build Preparedness Capacity

Are Airports Safe?

In many ways, airports are like small cities, with their own transportation systems, utility systems, information systems, food preparation and distribution areas, fire response and security units, medical facilities, and hundreds of thousands of people traveling in and out. Due to the complex and public nature of airports, they face a range of potential disasters and must be prepared to respond to them all.

The challenge this creates for airports around the world is maintaining a high level of preparedness for an incredibly wide range of potential threats. This is why it is essential for airports to adopt a comprehensive approach to building emergency preparedness capabilities. As we see it, this is no small task. In order for airports to achieve the necessary level of preparedness, the benchmark model for preparedness capacity building must be utilized at every level of the emergency management preparedness cycle. ASG’s Preparedness Capacity Building Model provides the customizable, comprehensive process that gets the job done.

The six essential steps to ASG’s capacity-building solution are:
  • Assess hazards and risks
  • Plan for risk reduction
  • Build capacity with management systems and equipment
  • Train for all hazards with customized curricula
  • Audit systems through testing, validation, and drills
  • Improve programs through expert consultation

To learn more about the cycle and how to create real-world airport emergency response capabilities, request a free copy of our technical report, Are Airports Safe? The Rising Threat of Airport Disasters & How to Build Preparedness Capacity

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