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Five Critical Elements Most Often Overlooked in Designing CBRN Defense Academies

Building a Premier CBRN defense Force

The CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) defense Academy concept plays a crucial role in preparing military personnel, including specialized units, to support decision-making during a CBRN crisis. Unfortunately, many militaries treat these academies like traditional educational institutions and miss the opportunity to build real-world competency and proficiency.

Over the last decade, ASG’s CBRN defense training teams have worked with CBRN defense Schools, Specialized Training Programs, and all branches of the US Military. We have developed a huge range of courses, curricula, and assessments, and our cadre of instructors and subject matter experts has conducted thousands of training events and exercises around the world. Through this experience, we have collected thousands of lessons learned and best practices related to CBRN training. Listed below are the top five issues most frequently overlooked by CBRN defense Academies.

  • Focusing too heavily on academic/theoretical aspects of CBRN science at the expense of real-world best practices and strategic field behavior
  • Focusing too heavily on lecture-based classroom learning at the expense of hands-on and scenario-based training
  • Failure to effectively replicate realistic logistical training through the use of simulants, props, and role players
  • Mismanaging the infrastructure costs and maintenance of training academies
  • Mismanaging the logistics of transporting, housing, and feeding the trainees

To learn more about the most overlooked elements of CBRN training and how to implement the most effective preparedness-training solutions, request a free copy of our technical report, Building a Premier CBRN defense Force: Five Critical Elements Most Often Overlooked in Designing CBRN defense Academies.

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