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Integrated Emergency Responder Training

ASG recently conducted an innovative training workshop for cross-disciplinary CBRN/Hazmat responders. Applying 7 years of lessons learned and observations from over 1,500 full-scale exercises with various hazmat, fire, medical, law enforcement, responders and emergency managers, ASG implemented a unique and highly-effective training platform to integrate the USAF's Fire and Emergency Services, Bioenvironmental Engineers and Readiness and Emergency Management personnel into a seamless, unified response operation. The 40-hour curriculum consisted of hands-on training with state-of-the-art field analytical instruments, knowledge-based training and a series of HSEEP-compliant exercises. The week-long training and exercise event enhanced the integration of CBRN responders in a unified and cohesive manner using the concepts of the National Incident Management System. One responder commented “this [event] challenged us to think "outside the box". ASG conducted the week-long training and exercise event at Scott AFB, IL.

To learn more about ASG’s CBRN Responder Training and Exercise services, click here.

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