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How is ASG employing AI?

How is ASG employing AI?


One of the most frequent questions that I am being asked is, how are you employing AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the way we work, hire, and deliver service, but after examining AI, ASG has identified several ways in which we will and will not employ AI. At the center of our decision-making are ASG’s commitment to exceptional customer service, innovation, and cyber security.

We see AI as a tool to be leveraged for general research, market research, marketing collateral development, and internal documentation development. It appears to be a force multiplier for research, such as regulatory compliance, existing practices, and trends, and generating draft documentation. We are training our workforce in leveraging this technology by understanding how to ask good questions that result in solving problems and producing quality outputs that we can use internally and in support of our marketing efforts and general procedures.

ASG’s vision promises our customers innovative solutions. We don’t believe that AI will aid in fulfilling this promise as most available AI applications leverage datasets prior to 2021. It also extracts and compiles data from existing ideas, concepts, and products and therefore lacks foresight. The human mind understands our customers, their capabilities, their aspirations and fears, their operating environment, and their challenges. We partner with our clients to prepare them for a safe and secure tomorrow. Tomorrow’s solutions in this space come from innovative thinking and a current understanding of our operating environment, emerging risks, and future risk profiles based on a dynamic environment. Since our customers deal with threats, hazards, and security related risks that are affected by vulnerabilities, we will not share customer furnished information or analysis that we conduct with AI applications. Our products and services will continue to be developed by experienced team members who can leverage almost 2 decades of ASG corporate knowledge and customer understanding.

While it is trendy for many businesses to boast about how they are using AI to impress potential clients, we fully recognize the cybersecurity risks posed by AI, the obsolescence issue associated with AI-accessible data resulting in yesterday’s solutions, and the superior ability of the human mind to create innovative solutions, engage in sense making, and provide our customers with human-based customer service that they deserve. We will continue to examine and explore ways in which AI may prove safe and useful, but in the meantime, know that our customer data and information is protected, and that our customers will continue to receive the best customer service and innovative solutions that you have come to trust and expect from ASG.

Bob Campbell is the founder and CEO of Alliance Solutions Group, Inc. He has 25+ years’ experience innovating concepts and integrating technology into solutions that hundreds of clients are employing worldwide. His commitment to exceptional customer service, cybersecurity, and innovation has forged a culture of preparedness with cutting edge resources and best practices. Over 3,000 communities worldwide have benefited from the ASG perspective. Bob is the author of Crisis-ready Leadership: Building Resilient Organizations and Communities (Wiley, 2023). To learn more about how ASG can help you capitalize on innovative technologies to prepare your organization or community for tomorrow’s threats, explore our website and contact us directly.