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ASG supported the U.S. government’s effort to shape the future of direct reading instruments and sensor technology for emergency response activities

Pulling from experience in conducting over 2000 chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear exercises with thousands of emergency responders from fire, emergency management, and occupational health backgrounds ASG provided comments to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the future of direct reading and sensor technologies for emergency response activities (Docket CDC-2016-0002).

ASG has long been recognized as an expert in the field of helping organizations select and effectively employ a suite of all-hazard detection equipment. In May 2016, ASG will present at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition a session on Lessons Learned in Selecting An All-Hazards Equipment Suite of Direct Reading Instruments, based in part from ASG’s work in modernizing the suite of detection equipment used by the U.S. Air Force in its global emergency response operations.

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