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Preventing crises from becoming disasters is the focus of a new offering from Alliance Solutions Group (ASG). Today, ASG conducted a seminar at the Emirates Civil Defense Academy in Dubai, UAE on how to implement best practices for pre-incident planning. This included a whole community risk-based approach for hazardous material facilities, transport and mass gatherings.

Based on methods developed over the last decade and validated in over 70 communities worldwide, ASG is sharing these best practices that include establishing target capabilities, developing pre-incident action plans, implementing the unified command structure between public and private sectors, delivering appropriate training for incident commanders and conducting realistic exercises to validate capabilities.

"We have learned valuable lessons from recent disasters. We have identified root causes and contributing factors. Now we need to share these lessons along with best practices to strengthen community preparedness. As Dubai prepares for EXPO2020, these best practices need to be in place and validated," emphasized Bob Campbell, President/CEO of ASG. "Dubai is growing rapidly and has become a major destination for business and tourism. They deserve the best emergency management programs and response capabilities."

ASG has been invited to expand this training program for key representatives from the public and private sector over the next year. To learn more about how ASG can help strengthen public and private sector preparedness, visit us on the web ( or contact us for more information at +1.757.223.7233.

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