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Core Values Spotlight—Exceptional Performance

Core Values Spotlight—Exceptional Performance


“Just OK is not OK.” AT&T’s latest commercial is resonating with people everywhere. Not only is it humorous, but it strikes a nerve of realism that invokes receiving less than stellar customer service. As a company that has achieved a 98% customer retention rate, Alliance Solutions Group, Inc. (ASG) attributes this to fanatic adherence to our core values.

ASG’s 11 core values guide and influence company and team member decision making. Many of our customers have asked about our core values, and attribute their decision to select our company to our values. These values are non-negotiable, as they are essential to the success of our business. Our corporate philosophy, management systems, and policies stress the importance of adherence to these values, showing that ASG believes business is about more than just making a profit—it is about creating value for our customers by making a positive difference.

We begin this process of cultivating a values-centered company during the interview process to ensure alignment and buy-in. After hiring, orientation and frequent training serve to recommunicate, clarify, and bring life to our core values through testimonials from our team and clients.

Exceptional Performance: This value challenges team members to give more than is required and pursue excellence in each task. More than just completing a job to a minimum standard, exceptional performance drives our team to build a relationship with our clients by demonstrating our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and providing extras that we refer to as the “ASG Delta.”

One ASG employee stated, “Our personnel demonstrate exceptional performance by spending the time to ensure our clients are happy and that our clients are protected [from hazards].”

One testimonial from an Air Force client reads that ASG, “Went above and beyond to assist,” and did an “Excellent job providing additional documentation and resources to improve our programs.”

Exceptional performance is a mindset that sets the highest expectation, demands more than our best efforts, and requires collaboration within a proven system in order to achieve effective results on a consistent basis. Our leadership monitors performance regularly through internal and external metrics to ensure that we are delivering exceptional performance.

To learn more about ASG’s core values or view testimonials, go to or call 757-223-7233.

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