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Handling Information Overload During A Crisis

Handling Information Overload During A Crisis

The effectiveness of crisis leadership is especially visible and relevant all over the world at this time. Alliance Solutions Group (ASG) created a course for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) titled, Crisis Leadership and Decision Making, and delivered this course to over one thousand crisis leaders across the United States. A commonly seen challenge for leadership during a crisis is that as the crisis escalates, the volume of data and information from different sources inundates and distracts leaders from focusing on their responsibilities.

Bob Campbell shares some ideas on how leaders can improve information management data during a crisis:

  1. Establish an efficient method for gathering, synthesizing, and receiving information.
  2. Avoid unnecessary details; request the bottom line upfront.
  3. Crisis leaders should assign expert staff to specialize in different areas of information.
  4. Staff who are presenting information to crisis leaders should facilitate the decision making process by presenting several viable courses of action, including pros and cons, associated risks, and projected impacts.

ASG is committed to providing solutions to prepare communities for a safer, more secure tomorrow. To help leaders navigate the current crisis safely and effectively, ASG is leveraging its library of innovative products and services such as courses that have been used to train thousands of first responders, military, medical workers, and industrial workplaces on infectious disease control and prevention. To learn more about how ASG could support you during this time, visit or call 757-223-7233.

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