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Core Value Spotlight: Innovation

Core Value Spotlight: Innovation


A Values-driven Company

What do we do when the world around us is constantly changing? How do we navigate the uncertain and volatile circumstances that permeate our reality due to COVID-19? There is no question that the current world looks drastically different than it ever has before. What many predicted were temporary precautions have turned out be lasting mandates that will continue indefinitely. Worldwide, people are forced to re-think their daily routines and learn a new sense of normalcy. When everything else lacks control, it is important to stick to something we can control, something that is enduring and immutable: our core values.

Regardless of the circumstances, ASG’s unwavering commitment to our 11 Core Values drives our decision making process. These values are non-negotiable, even when everything around us is changing. This high-level commitment to our Core Values allows ASG to remain steady during ambiguous times. From the hiring process to every day decision making, ASG is through-and-through a values-driven organization.

Foundation of Innovation

One Core Value that has been particularly important to us throughout the pandemic is innovation. At ASG, we define innovation as the successful implementation of novel and profitable ideas within our organization. COVID-19 has forced us to be exceptionally creative in developing new ways to continue to thrive and deliver services despite new restrictions. Since ASG is rooted in the value of innovation, the company has maintained success throughout these precarious times.

Our CEO, Bob Campbell, says, “Our strength has been our ability to innovate new solutions for our customers in times of change.” Having worked for over fifteen years in dynamic industries where technology is causing constant growth and change, ASG is more than prepared to innovatively navigate changes brought about by the pandemic. Adaptability is not new to the organization.

One of the ways ASG has continued to innovate and deliver services, despite social-distancing regulations, is by transitioning “in person” services to a virtual delivery format. For one client, we developed a method of virtually delivering third party occupational safety and health site surveys at multiple locations, allowing time sensitive work to continue during the Pandemic.

Additionally, we recognized a lack of resiliency among companies struggling to reopen safely during the Pandemic, so we developed a template of Seven Pandemic Policies that organizations can download for free and incorporate into their own Pandemic Plan. Through our new Resilient Ready™ brand, we have helped organizations respond, recover and reopen safely during the Pandemic.

ASG has helped many organizations design and implement Pandemic Plans over the past several months. One such organization is Peninsula Community Chapel, a church in our local community. David Taylor, the church administrator, remarks: “ASG was incredibly helpful to us in navigating how to respond to the COVID pandemic. Thanks to their assistance, we didn't have to start from scratch in order to develop a plan in an area that is completely outside of our area of expertise. They provided us with practical assistance and helped us to apply their knowledge and experience to our specific context.”

The Core Value of Innovation has enabled us to serve a growing range of clients across 48 states and 17 countries over the past 15 years. As we become accustomed to the “new normal” of life and business, we continue to navigate uncertainty through innovating new services. ASG’s commitment to innovation allows us to tackle challenges with fervency and excellence while providing unique offerings that meet our clients’ needs.

Contact ASG if your business needs assistance navigating and implementing the new Emergency Temporary Standard.

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