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16 Year Anniversary Blog!

16 Year Anniversary Blog!


This week ASG is celebrating 16 years of delivering exceptional services! In order to celebrate, we want to highlight some of ASG’s accomplishments during its 16th trip around the sun: the unique year of 2020.

  1. COVID-19 Safety Trainings: Although the pandemic changed a lot of things, ASG took on the challenges by swiftly creating COVID-19-specific workplace safety assessments, trainings, and solutions for businesses wanting to keep operations going while keeping customers and employees safe. What began as a project for local organizations, expanded to an accessible, virtual training platform that is now available worldwide to companies who are trying to comply with their local regulations and train their employees on operating safely.

    To learn more about our virtual COVID-19 General Workplace Safety Training, click HERE.

  2. Argus Elite® Hazmat Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS): ASG made significant progress in validating our new, Hazmat detecting UAV. We achieved a major milestone at Dugway Proving Ground, UT when our CEO, Bob Campbell, conducted live agent tests with the UAV to measure its accuracy for detecting various hazardous materials under a wide range of operating conditions. The test demonstrated the Argus’ ability to accurately detect and map chemical hazards and established operational flight parameters, so that first responders can make swift decisions to protect the public.

  3. Emergency Response Plans & Tabletop Exercises: Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, ASG was still able to conduct community-wide hazard risk assessments, develop Emergency Response Plans for communities, and provide virtual and in-person training for emergency managers and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs). In Oregon, for example, we served several counties by identifying high-risk facilities and developing an Emergency Response Plan for each county to enhance whole community preparedness and reduce chemical incident risks for first responders and the communities. In Virginia, we conducted hazard risk assessments for over 200 facilities, allowing us to provide detailed inventories, hazard modeling, evacuation modeling, and a commodity flow study along major interstate highways throughout the Commonwealth. Finally, we developed and conducted a HSEEP-compliant tabletop exercise which included participants from eleven community agencies. These projects and others like them played a significant role in advancing local emergency planning and preparedness!

    To learn more about our solutions to build community-wide emergency preparedness capabilities and to support LEPCs, click HERE.

  4. HAZMAT Rail Incident Response: Across the country, rail systems transport critical cargo including hazardous materials. Cities with rail systems that transport hazardous materials must be prepared for managing and responding to worst case scenario Hazmat incidents that may affect populated areas. ASG updated our previously developed Hazmat Rail Incident Response plan for a major population center in Oregon. While COVID-19 presented significant challenges with this project, we found innovative methods to conduct hazard risk assessments at 990 facilities that stored extremely hazardous substances. We leveraged GIS technology to display and analyze incidents at high-risk facilities, including plume models, explosion models, evacuation models, and transportation routes. Finally, we provided recommendations to reduce risks and vulnerabilities associated with Hazmat-by-rail incidents.

    To learn more about ASG’s capabilities for supporting local hazmat risk-based planning and building local emergency preparedness capabilities, click HERE.

  5. Defense Services: ASG continues to serve the defense community providing essential services while operating throughout the pandemic. These services provide onsite environmental, health and safety support such as surveys, assessments, audits, and training products. These services are even more essential now that many workplaces have modified their operations, processes, and protective equipment to control the spread of COVID-19. Protecting the environment, ensuring environmental continuous improvement, and assessing workplace conditions ensures a safe and healthy work environment for defense personnel.

    To learn more about ASG’s broad range of services for the Defense sector, click HERE.

  6. FEMA Grant for Economic Recovery: ASG, in partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology, were awarded (for the second time in four years) a grant to design, develop, and deliver training to enhance economic resiliency and response throughout the United States. Restoring our economy in the midst of a pandemic has challenged the most resilient communities and diverse regional economies. This innovative training will help economic development organizations enhance regional economic resilience.

    To learn more about ASG’s solutions for building resilience in the private sector, click HERE.

  7. New Hires! Lastly, ASG had the pleasure of welcoming eight new team members in 2020. We are delighted to grow our team and continue serving our clients during these turbulent times!

It has been an exciting 16th year, and we look forward to seeing what else is in store. We are so thankful to our customers and partners for standing with us throughout what was undoubtedly a challenging year for everyone. You inspire us to keep making the world a safer place.