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ASG DOEHRS Workshops Train Customers to use DOEHRS as a Management Tool and Not Just a Data Repository

ASG DOEHRS Workshops Train Customers to use DOEHRS as a Management Tool and Not Just a Data Repository

“Wow, I didn’t know DOEHRS could do that” is the feedback received by Alliance Solutions Group, Inc. (ASG) during every Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) workshop held in 2014. ASG was selected by a Department of Defense Command-level organization to provide comprehensive DOEHRS training and support to all command installations. With over half of the visits completed, the ASG approach has resulted in an average 25% increase in customers’

DOEHRS capabilities as measured by pre- and post-workshop assessments.

The ASG DOEHRS workshop methodology starts with an exhaustive analysis of an installation’s use of the DOEHRS modules and the quality of the data contained therein. DOEHRS subject matter experts developed a detailed gap analysis based on the review of 34 reports, data inputs for 5-8 industrial workplaces with high health risk processes, and the use of 10 core DOEHRS modules. The gap analysis, plus Command focus areas and self-identified deficiencies, were the basis for developing targeted training seminars for each installation. Trainers used live DOEHRS program office data to lead small groups, provide over-the-shoulder coaching, and facilitate data review Q&A sessions. ASG analysts walked participants through identifying and cleaning up subpar data inputs, using the deficient data as the basis for teachable moments while recording the discrepancies in the comprehensive gap analysis. The ASG team provided the installation with a management action plan which detailed step-by-step instructions on eliminating the gap analysis challenges that could not be addressed during the workshop.

In addition to improving the quality of data in the installation’s DOEHRS program office, the team trained personnel on using DOEHRS as an occupational and environmental health (OEH) management tool rather than simply a data repository. Analysts presented the DOEHRS Data Warehouse, Discoverer Viewer, and module reports that enabled program managers to eliminate external tracking tools (e.g., spreadsheets) and the labor effort required to both enter data into DOEHRS and track it in a separate tool. OEH program leadership readily commenced integrating Master Schedule, respiratory fit test status, and ventilation survey currency reports when shown how these reports and others could enhance workplace productivity. Program management hours required were cut by 50% when ASG trainers implemented the process of importing fit test records directly into DOEHRS from the fit test software.

In addition to training on the content of the reports, analysts walked participants through the steps of customizing the format of DOEHRS Data Warehouse reports and inserting graphs. This improved the quality of OEH information provided to physicians, public health practitioners, line supervisors, workers, and other stakeholders. ASG analysts also demonstrated the auto-generation and auto-delivery feature of DOEHRS Data Warehouse reports. For example, with over-the-shoulder coaching OEH program managers customized a report on upcoming Master Schedule items and scheduled it for delivery every Monday at 0700 to the organization’s OEH leadership, as well as, monthly to the Command OEH leadership. The ability to send tailored OEH program reports among users is one of the many ways the ASG trainers jump-started installations’ use of DOEHRS as a viable OEH management tool.

For more information on how ASG can enhance environmental and occupational health programs through effective DOEHRS implementation, contact us at 757-223-7233 or

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